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Michelle Jenneke – The Hottest Hurdler Ever

July 21, 2012
Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke

The YouTube video of Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke’s sexy warm-up dance at the IAAF World Junior Championships in Barcelona last week has shaken things up on the internet, with the video garnering over 6 million views since it was uploaded to YouTube on July 18.

YouTube Preview Image

As a camera aimed at her, the 91-year-old Jenneke sexily wiggled her hips, jumped up and down and bounced around at her starting point.

Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke

On Twitter, one user commented that she “might be the hottest hurdler ever.”

After the warm-up dance, the Sydney native came in fifth in the women’s 100-meter hurdle heat.

While Jenneke is not participating in this Olympics in London, news reports said that she will compete for Australia in next Olympics in 2016 at Brazil.


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