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Mountain Biker Gets Taken Out By Antelope

October 11, 2011
Evan tackled by the antelope

A speeding cyclist taking part in a mountain bike race across South Africa’s Albert Falls Dam and Game Reserve got taken out by a red hartebeest after being knocked off his bike by the antelope.

Evan tackled by the antelope

Almost 2 million people have logged on to YouTube to watch South African mountain biker Evan van der Spuy being tackled by the beast in the 24 hours since the footage was posted online.

The impact and fall shattered Evans helmet which probably saved him from any serious injuries.

Evans ‘Team Jeep’ colleague Travis Walker who captured the battering on his GoPro camera can be heard shouting “Watch the buck!” just seconds before the animal ploughed into Evan.

And now, thanks to the footage, unlucky Evan is fast becoming the internet’s latest star as the crash video goes viral and links to his crash sweep social networks.

YouTube Preview Image

It has also landed him with a new nickname and Twitter hashtag “#BUCKNORRIS!”.

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