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My Name Is Tan, Christina Tan

March 14, 2011
Does she resemble Jolin Tsai?

Her name is Tan, Christina Tan. And she is damn hot today, hitting the top spot on Google Singapore. So who is this Christina Tan?

Christina Tan...the new Ris Low

Tan, who lists her vital statistics as 32C-24-33 and who bears a resemblance to Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai, is a busty freelance model who took part in the recent FHM/SOL Beer Bikini Babe Contest.

Busty freelance model Christina Tan

After a series of Tan’s videos were circulated online, netizens are calling Christina Tan, 22, Singapore’s new Ris Low because of her strange accent and bad English pronounciation.

Does she resemble Jolin Tsai?

In one of the videos, she answered questions from emcee Glenn Ong, who seemed like he was struggling to understand her broken English.

Christina Tan with emcee Glenn Ong

Qng: Why do you think you should win today’s competition?

Tan: Hmm…I think it’s becurrrse…I  have a very bubbly face! And erm…I know how to…act cute!

In reaction, one netizen wrote: “Ho mai gawd, that was so painful to watch.” Another added: “We found Barbarella’s sister. Hehe”

‘Barbarella’ is a popular character played by Michelle Chong on the hit TV show ‘The Noose’ in which she parodies the Sarong Party Girl.

Some netizens have commented that Tan is a typical Ah Lian with a fake face trying very hard to talk with an “ang mo” (Hokkien words meaning Caucasian) accent. Maybe she is trying her level best in her own “kiasu” way to attain the celebrity status of Singapore bloggers Xiaxue and Dawn Yang and ex-beauty queen Ris Low.

Ah Lian trying to speak with ang mo accent?

Reacting to the negative buzz surrounding her, Tan said: “Everyone has their own opinions. Good or bad, whatever they said doesn’t matter to me. I believe in myself. I won’t get affected by what people say.”

She added that she doesn’t speak with an accent, but “if people think I do, I will take it as a compliment.”

Tan is also thinking of pursuing a career in the entertainment industry, saying: “I love the attention and I love to be outstanding.”

She looks not too bad in this photo

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  • Reply imnotahlian March 15, 2011 at 6:21 pm

    to avoid such goof in local beauty contest here in Singapore maybe they should be given pointers on answering questions.i was surprised no one corrected her bad pronunciation before she could reach to the final stage.and to Ms.Tan you should be aware of your english command and practice it before hand coz Ms.Low is already an example of such a stir.

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