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Natasha Wang – The Queen Of Pole Dancing

May 14, 2011
Natasha Wang

US national pole dancing champion Natasha Wang had an embarrassing fall on live television on Tuesday when performing on the Good Day LA show.

After gracefully flexing and swinging, the 35-year-old fell while hanging upside down during her routine.

Good Day LA host Steve Edwards ran to her aid but Natasha quickly jumped back up and insisted she wasn’t injured.

The sporting Wang tried to laugh off the fall by saying: “Welcome to live shows. I missed my last trick, it was a big one.”

Steve replied: “We didn’t miss it, it happens though right?”

Natasha Wang has been pole dancing for six years and currently trains at LA’s Be Spun, The Pole Garage and Kinetic Theory Circus Arts. She began competing in 2009, first at the California Pole Dance Championships and in the USPDF West Coast Regionals. The same year, she started performing in local pole dance showcases such as Medicinal Mondays at Good Hurt, Fly at Shin, and Girl Next Door at King King, where she is one of the principle dancers. In 2010, she won the title of ‘Miss Pole-Am’ at East Meets West’s Tri-Pole Challenge.

Natasha Wang in action

Natasha Wang

On April 29th, Wang emerged champion at the 2011 U.S. Pole Dancing Championships held for the third time in New York City, winning the $5000 first place prize and an all expense paid trip to perform at Miss Pole Dance Australia 2012.

Natasha Wang runs through her routine at the US Pole Dance Championships in New York City April 29, 2011.

Wang won this year's championship title with a Black Swan inspired routine, earning her a standing ovation.

"When I saw the movie, obviously it really spoke to me," said Wang, who does not have a professional dance background and who works in public relations. "I'm very meticulous and almost driven to the point where I'm going crazy to try to make everything perfect, so I could just relate to it."

Wang, for her part, is proud of the achievement and ranks it as one of the biggest highlights of her life, albeit with a caveat.

"It's up there, but I haven't had children yet," she said.

Natasha Wang

Displaying agility and balletic grace, Wang made a strong case for rejecting the stereotype that associates pole dancing mainly with seedy strip clubs.  When the average Joe thinks of pole dancing, strippers and strip clubs immediately pop into his mind.

Pole dancing is gaining popularity as a new way to get in shape, something akin to aerobics. Pole dancing enthusiasts are attempting to shift common views associated with pole dancing from nude stripping to an aerobic sport.

The U.S. Pole Dancing Federation was founded in 2008, and co-founder Wendy Traskos defends pole dancing as a misperceived victim of negative stereotypes. She points out that "The definition of stripping is taking something off, and these women are not doing that. They're coming out in their outfits and you do have to have your skin exposed in order to stick to the pole."

Watch Natasha Wang going through her beautiful routine in the video below.

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