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Nine 2 Five Restaurant

June 4, 2010
Wall decorated with kids' photos inside the restaurant

My family used to go to Nine 2 Five Restaurant in Pelita Commercial Centre for dinner but it has been a long while since we last went. We decided to pop in there for dinner yesterday evening.

Wall decorated with kids' photos inside the restaurant

Simple decor item on one of the windowsills

We ordered fried chicken in prawn sauce, kangkong fried with belacan and fried baby corns. For drinks, we ordered two hot “teh o” and an iced Milo.

There were several customers who were there earlier than us so we knew it would take a while before our food would be served. But the wait was much longer than expected….it took them more than half an hour before we were served. And the music was a bit too loud for my liking.

The fried kangkong and baby corns were not bad but we did not like the fried chicken in prawn sauce as it tasted so bland. I thought it would come with some sauce but there wasn’t any. Apparently I misread the menu which says “Fried chicken in prawn sauce” and not “fried chicken with prawn sauce”. …maybe it was due to my “lau hua yen”, haha! The bill came to RM42.10 which was comparatively more expensive than many other similar air-conditioned restaurants.

Kangkong fried with belacan

Fried baby corns

Fried chicken with prawn sauce

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