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Parental Pep Rally Kissing Game Creates Uproar In Minnesota

December 18, 2011
Rosemount kissing pep rally

It was supposed to be a pep rally prank to bring laughter and cheers at Rosemount High School in Minnesota but it has instead stirred up a lot of controversy after parents of some senior student athletes took the practical joke too far. Some detractors even went as far as saying that some of the very inappropriate antics smack of incest.

The prank featured a comedy skit which took advantage of unknowing captains of the various winter varsity squads. After the team captains walked into the gym blindfolded, they were told that they were going to be kissed by a special someone, and then were asked to guess who it was that kissed them.

Rosemount High School pep rally kissing game

It turns out that the person who kissed the athletes — in every circumstance — was their own opposite sex parent. A lot of criticism has been leveled not at the student athletes, but at some of the parents for what they did in executing the practical joke.

Some of the parents during the 59-second YouTube video are seen holding the kisses for several seconds, cupping their child’s faces or embracing and swaying.

One mother moved her son’s hand down to her behind during the encounter. Another mom has her son down on the gym floor to the delight of two male students nearby.

You can see full video footage of the pep rally incident below but be warned that some of the parents took their roles as “special someones” to a level that left many onlookers feeling offended, uncomfortable and even queasy.

YouTube Preview Image

Rosemount Principal John Wollersheim insisted that the school wouldn’t repeat the comedic routine, despite the fact that a similar routine had been a huge hit at a prep rally at the school years earlier.

“There is no question that people were offended,” Wollersheim said. “I apologize to those who were offended, and we won’t do it again.

“Anything that happens at this school is the principal’s responsibility. I take full responsibility. … There shouldn’t be an event in a school that we offend people with.”

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