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Pokemon Apocalypse

September 22, 2010

A new Pokemon Black and White started selling on the market on September 22, 2010 and most stores in Japan are sold out and millions of people preordered it. Pokemon is huge business. There are a lot of addicts of Pokemon games who love collecting them. Gotta catch them all, right?

Pokemon Black & White

With the release of Pokemon Black and White, Pokemon trainers have new maps and a new game to play on the land of Pokemon.  New Pokemon species are also added in the Pokedex.  In the previous Pokemon release, the Pokemon Platinum, they had tons of Wi-fi related interactive games.  Pokemon gamers will have new stuff to experience with the new Pokemon Black and White series Riding on the waves of the Pokemon Black & White worldwide craze , some people created a trailer of Pokemon Apocalypse which has gone viral on the web but the question about its authenticity arises. The video quality of Pokemon Apocalypse trailer is quite amazing as fan-made videos get dark and gritty most of the time, but something about the video trailer is not right.

A lot of people have been confused whether this is a trailer for a real movie or not.  Apparently, it is now almost certain that this is just a product of a group of Pokemon gamers’ passion for the game. The  persons behind the trailer are Lee Majdoub and Kial Natale who have this to say about the trailer:

LEE MAJDOUB: It was a side project we came up with while working on a short film. We were talking about live-action ideas. Kial wanted GTA. I wanted Dragon Ball Z. I think somebody mentioned something about Pokemon and Kial and I made eye contact and ideas just started flowing. Kial wrote a script almost immediately. I read it and sent him back my thoughts, and we did that back and forth for a while. We actually wrote it as a film and filmed full scenes. We wanted to make it as legitimate as possible. Major kudos to Kial for actually taking the first step.

KIAL NATALE: This project really snowballed out of control. For me, it started off as an attempt to make a video on par with College Humor’s original content: their parodies are spot on, with amazing production value. Somewhere down the line, however, my long dormant Pokémon fanaticism kicked in and I just wanted it to be more and more. I started adding more scenes and re-working the Pokémon effects: for anyone who thought our CG looks bad now, you should have seen them before!

The synopsis of the trailer:

Pikachu, the most favorite Pokemon of Ash almost dies in corrupt underground Pokémon fights. Ash’s loved ones have been threatened by Team Rocket with guns. Celadon City hasn’t been the same since the Gyms closed down. Pokémon fighting has gone underground, and the sport has gotten a taste for blood. Ash, Misty, and Brock have been forced deep into the city’s seedy criminal subculture to keep training, but the Pokémon aren’t the only ones in danger. Now, Ash must choose to either become a master in the grim world of illegal pokémon fighting, or make a desperate stand to free them all from the criminal grip of Rocket Industries.


Pokemon….gotta catch them all!

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