Dark Side Of Life, RIP

Rest In Peace, Tiffany Wong!

March 29, 2011
The bird

Today is a sad day in Miri as the city buried one of its daughters. More than a thousand mourners gathered at a funeral service at St Joseph Cathedral for murdered 17-year-old Tiffany Wong. Tears filled the eyes of many present as they witnessed the sorrow of Tiffany’s family. Tiffany’s parents deeply touched the hearts of those present when they said that they have forgiven the boy who killed their daughter.

Tiffany Wong

Tiffany, who obtained multiple As in the SPM examination results announced last week, was found dead in bushes on the outskirts of this city last Friday, with her head wrapped in a plastic bag and her body partially buried in a drain in Bakam sub-district, some 40km from here.

The police were led there by a 17-year-old boy who had surrendered himself at the Miri Central Police Station. He was accompanied to the station by his parents. The teenager, a student of an institute of higher learning here, has been detained for further investigation. It is believed that the boy had badly beaten Tiffany before strangling her as her face was swollen with bruises and there were injuries on her chest.

Tiffany, an ex- student of St Joseph Secondary School Miri, was reported missing last Thursday from her home, a day after the SPM results were announced. On that day, Tiffany’s mum had seen Tiffany getting into the boy’s car supposedly to go to their school to get their SPM results.

Her murder shocked the whole city. Many netizens, appalled by the heinous crime, called for the death penalty for the 17-year-old boy.

Yesterday something magical happened at the house of Tiffany. Many believe that Tiffany came home, as a bird, to bid farewell to her family.

A bird landed on one of the many floral wreaths and remained there the whole day. When Tiffany’s mom went over to talk to the bird, the bird hopped onto her hand. It listened to what Tiffany’s mom had to say and responded by chipping. The miraculous event was captured in photos by someone present. These photos were posted on MiriCommunity.net by someone using the name JongawOlya. Thanks, JongawOlya!

The bird on the wreath

The bird

The bird sitting on the hand of Tiffany's mum

According to some reports, the bird flew off today after Tiffany’s mum said to the bird that it was time for it to go. Anyway the bird was no longer at the house when Tiffany’s family returned from the funeral.

This little poem is dedicated to the memory of Tiffany:

Light a candle for Tiffany for whom we mourn.

Into a new life she will be born.

Do not look for her at the gravesite.

She is somewhere else radiating her beautiful light.

She has gone to a new world where there is no darkness, no pain.

Her light and essence will always remain.

Tiffany posing with a t-shirt at a department store....Tiffany's family appealed for help to find this t-shirt...AT Sport worked overtime to specially print the t-shirt for Tiffany's family.

RIP now, Tiffany, for you will be by God’s side soon. You will be greatly missed by your family and friends!

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  • Reply Jessica Rodregiaz May 5, 2011 at 5:21 am

    That sucks, and I can’t believe that the parents forgave the boy. I would never never ever forgive him. I would kill him too, or have a death penalty.

  • Reply mevius January 10, 2015 at 9:40 pm

    never underestimate the power of money

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