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RIP, Awana Diab!

September 26, 2011
Awana Diab  executing his backheel penalty kick

Remember Awana Diab? If the name does not ring a bell, he is the the UAE footballer who shot to fame (or notoriety) after scoring a penalty shot taken with his backheel.

Awana Diab

Sad to say, he died in a car crash yesterday after a training session.

The 21-year-old midfielder became an internet sensation in July thanks to a cheeky spot-kick in his country’s 7-2 win over Lebanon.

He had only been on the pitch of the Khalifa bin Zayed Stadium for three minutes when he stepped up to the penalty spot to take a penalty kick. In a shocking move, he turned 180 degrees and back-heel the ball into the net, catapulting him into the ranks of the other penalty-taking legends such Antonin Panenka.

Awana Diab executing his backheel penalty kick

Though he became an internet sensation, he also earned the unwanted epithet of football’s number one idiot. For his unorthodox spot kick, he was issued a yellow card and was branded ‘disrespectful’ by his team manager as well as earning the wrath of some sports commentators who panned his feat as one of the most unsportsmanlike, arrogant actions ever seen in international football.

To relive that famous penalty goal, watch the video player below.

YouTube Preview Image

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