Dark Side Of Life, RIP

RIP, Sasitorn Onwimon!

November 9, 2010
FHM model Sasitorn Onwimon

Police have finally concluded that Sasitorn Onwimon, a 28-year-old Thai model for FHM, committed suicide by taking 10 sleeping pills and then shooting herself in her luxury condominium in Bangkok’s Huay Khwang district on October 11. Sasitorn’s body was found on her bed covered with a blanket to her chest with a gunshot wound to her right temple. A .38 pistol was found near her right elbow.

FHM model Sasitorn Onwimon

Deputy national police chief General Panupong Singhara na Ayutthaya told the press yesterday that on-site investigation and forensic evidence proved that she had shot herself because only her fingerprints and DNA evidence were found on the gun and in the room.

Police discovered that the first gunshot was an accident, with the bullet hitting a closet.

Gun residue was also found on her blanket because she first cocked the gun and then used both her hands to shoot herself in the head. The pistol she was shot with was given to her by her father.

The motive for the suicide is believed to be stress from romantic and financial problems, and the fact that the model was an introvert.

Sasitorn’s family has been told about the police conclusion and they have not objected to it.

Pretty Sasitorn Onwimon

Police initially suspected Sasitorn may have been murdered as police found some suspicious points in her death that suggested the scene might have been staged to cover up a murder and were checking security cameras for a possible killer.

Condo maid Rattana Kwaenbanchao, 41, told police neighbours had complained about a foul smell from the woman’s room so managers of the block had a key maker unlock the door. They found Sasitorn’s body in her bed and alerted police.

Her bedroom, which had the air-conditioner left on, showed no sign of being ransacked. She was thought to have died three or four days ago.

Police also looked at the inheritance issue because her late father had two wives and she was the first wife’s eldest child. They also spoke to her ex-boyfriend, who had tried to get her back. The former boyfriend was also reportedly subjected to a lie detector test.

Police  also checked on the driver of a blue pickup that visited her often, as seen on security cameras.

The model’s mother Sompit Opaswattana, who received the body from Ramathibodi Hospital morgue, said she didn’t believe her daughter committed suicide. But she dismissed talk that her dad’s inheritance may have been a motive as she had not received much money, so there was no dispute.

Morgue doctor Samith Srison said the model died from a close-range gunshot with the bullet going through her right temple to the left, leaving no fragments in the brain. And the model had not been pregnant.

Deputy Superintendent Pol Lt Col Jarupat Thongkomon said the fact there was no blood on the blanket on her bed suggested it had not been used to silence the shot, and pointed to suicide. He said if she was murdered, the killer must have been close to her – and had keys to her double-locked room, plus knew where she kept the gun, and how to avoid getting seen on the block’s security cameras.

Despite the official police verdict on the death, there is some lingering doubt. No matter what the real cause of death is, it is such a tragic end to the life of a beautiful woman who seemed to have everything going her way.

RIP, Sasitorn Onwimon!

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