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RIP,Yue Yue And Charmaine Lim!

October 21, 2011
Charmaine Lim - The Feisty Princess

Today is truly a sad day. The flame of life was extinguished for two young girls – one in China and the other in Singapore.

Wang Yue, the Chinese girl left bleeding on the road after being run over by two different vehicles and then ignored by 18 passersby, has finally died.

Yue Yue has succumbed to the horrific brain injuries sustained in the accident

The case of two-year-old Wang , also known as Yue Yue, triggered a furore worldewide. It is truly appalling that such callousness could occur and many incensed netizens blasted China, condemning it for becoming an ‘immoral modern society’. Her story was featured by all the major news media worldwide. The video footage sparked a global outcry about the state of morality in China’s fast-changing society.

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In Singapore, six-year-old Charmaine Lim lost her battle against neuroblastoma, a rare type of cancer. Over the past two and half years, Charmaine fought a courageous battle against the cancer. Singaporeans rallied to help raise funds for her to go to the US for treatment. Despite her sufferings, she took things in her stride, earning her the nickname Feisty Princess Charmaine.

Charmaine Lim - The Feisty Princess

Charmaine’s mum, Cynthia Lim, has been blogging about her daughter in her blog ‘Our Feisty Princess’. Her blog post yesterday entitled ‘Really Too Much’ is a heartbreaking cry of a mum who has been watching her daughter slowly withering away. I reproduce her blog post below:

Really Too Much

Thursday, October 20, 2011
In all my life, I cannot believe that I will actually be begging heavens to take my child and free her of all the pain and sufferings…

BUT I AM NOW and I still can’t believe that I’m typing these words out to you.

It’s too much and I honestly cannot bear to see my child suffer anymore. She does not deserve any of these…

She’s bleeding almost everywhere… And a new tumor popped out within a day from the inside of her cheek. I have been staring at new tumors popping out daily for more then 2 weeks now but this just broke me down completely and totally. I’m beyond heart-broken. Devastation seems like an understatement too.

It’s raw and I can finally see it now that her cheek is so swollen. There is no skin covering it and its there oozing blood, staring right back at me… Killing me right there…

I don’t even know how to put it down in words the pain… The heartache, the helplessness…

It bleeds non stop until her whole mouth is full of blood…

She can’t even close her mouth now…

It just keeps getting worse… And I thought we are already at the worst but no, the beast continues to salvage my child’s body and yet, my baby keeps on breathing for me…

Heavens, please have mercy on my child. Please. I don’t want her to suffer anymore… Free her and let her be the happy gril she has always been…

I don’t know what else to say or do anymore… I lost…

Posted by Cyn mommy at 7:01 PM

I did a blog post about Charmaine more than 2 years ago entitled ‘Feisty Princess Charmaine.’ If the blog post touches your heart and you want to share in the tragic story of Charmaine, go the the Charmaine’s mum’s blog.

RIP, Yue Yue and Charmaine! Your sufferings are over now. I hope you’ve found peace, sweet little girls!

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    honey, your suffer are really over …. may u rest in peace in heaven…. bye2 yue yue and charmaine

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