Samsung Versus Apple

January 2, 2012

Samsung has taken its battle with Apple for market dominance a notch higher by copying Apple’s advertising campaign, raising a lot of criticisms from tech bloggers that Samsung stole the face of Apple’s iPhone 4S — and copied the tone and feeling of Apple commercials, too.

In Apple’s new campaign advertising its iPhone 4S, an adorable little girl was the star. Two months later, the same little girl is now the face of the South Korean company’s campaign for its Galaxy Tab.

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

The Samsung ad has aired only in Korea, making the copy-cat tactic particularly strange because there are no Koreans in the commercial.

The two tech giants spent the better part of 2011 warring over patents for their devices, with both companies suing each other to try to keep their rival’s products out of certain markets.

‘Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab TV ad feels a lot like an Apple iPad ad,’ the Apple-watching blog MacRumors said.

Samsung recently came out with an ad in the US that poked fun at iPhone users for having a slavish devotion to Apple. It offered the Samsung Galaxy S II as a better alternative.

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