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Sex With Aliens!

November 7, 2010
Why is he staring at us?

Aliens love to have sex with farmers if there is any truth to the stories of Meng Zhaoguo and Antonio Villas Boas.

Meng Zhaoguo, a Chinese farmer, claimed that he had sex with an alien when he was working in Heilinjiang’s Wuchang city in 1994. Seeing a metallic object shimmering on a mountainside, he went to investigate as he thought it was likely a downed helicopter.  As he approached the object, he blacked out.

Meng Zhaoguo

Upon regaining consciousness, he was confused and unable to communicate with other people. And he also developed an extreme phobia of anything made of iron.

Later that night, a female humanoid came and asked to have sex with him. She was three metres tall, had 12 fingers and braided leg hair.

So the farmer and the robust extra-terrestrial seductress had intimate moments – while levitating – for about 40 minutes, he claimed.

“I didn’t believe in aliens before I actually met them,” he tells China Daily. “Seeing is believing. We cannot explain UFOs and aliens because our technology isn’t advanced enough. But that doesn’t mean such things don’t exist.”

Meng describes the extraterrestrials he says he met – he had a second encounter with others after he met the female – as speaking Chinese.

“The aliens showed me a piece of crystal, through which I saw forests, icebergs and fossil fuels on the Earth,” he says. “They told me about the current situation facing Earth’s resources and warned me about the importance of environmental protection.”

But that’s not all they told him, he says.

“They said that 60 years from then, there will be an alien born with the genes of an earthling farmer, and I can meet him or her,” he says, referring to the offspring he says he sired with the extra-terrestrial female.

Meng’s account is met with both skepticism and belief – not only by the general public, but also the country’s growing community of ufologists, who study reports of unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

While many within China’s ufology community are skeptical of abduction reports such as Meng’s, International Chinese UFO Association sighting investigation department head Zhang Jingping believes people should remain open-minded.

Yes, I should be open-minded as our mind, like a parachute, only works when it is open. I am open-minded….I am open-minded. But I can’t help thinking of the Na’vi tribe in Avatar. They are about 3 metres tall so in terms of height, they fit Meng’s description of his alien seductress. Hey, Meng, have you been watching too much Avatar and get yourself infatuated with Neytiri?

Maybe Meng was dreaming of having sex with Neytiri of the Na'vi tribe

“We have invented aircraft, and we have landed on the moon. Why is it impossible that aliens are visiting us?” says the 42-year-old. Zhang has led research on Meng’s case, including arranging for police to administer a lie detector test on Meng.

Amazingly, Meng passed the lie detector test.

Meng’s case bears similarity to the adventure of 23-year-old Antonio Villas Boas that occurred on 16 October 1957 in Brazil. Antonio’s sexual encounter with an alien is probably the most famous case of interstellar intercourse.

Antonio was ploughing a field on the family farm when the engine of his tractor cut out; at the same time, an object with purple lights descended from the sky.

Four aliens then climbed out of this ufo craft and grabbed him, they then forced him to get into the craft. The appearance of the aliens was they were around 5 feet tall, with big heads, much larger then a normal human head. When on board this strange alien craft Antonio was forced to strip. His body was then bathed in a strange liquid that had no smell and no color. The aliens were wearing strange grey suits, gloves with five fingers, and helmets. The aliens communicated in a strange language that Antonio could not understand. They cut his skin and took samples of his blood.

After a while they left him alone, naked in a circular room. Fumes were pumped into this room, and it smelled horrible, and this made Antonio throw up. He soon felt better when a naked alien female walked in. She looked human in appearance, about 4.7 feet tall, fair skin and high cheekbones. Her eyes were blue, but oriental in shape. Her face wide, with a thin chin, blond hair, which Antonio said had to be bleached blond because the hair under her arm pits and pubic hair was bright red. Despite her quite strange appearance, Antonio became sexually excited.

Antonio Villas Boas and the aliens

Antonio said, she had the best body he had ever seen on a woman, high, perked breasts, narrow waist, broad hips, small feet and hands, and very petite. When the alien woman made it very clear what she wanted, Antonio got very excited, holding her and responding to her ‘come on’. She behaved like a normal woman in a sexual sense.

Apparently, Antonio had sexual intercourse with the alien female twice. The sex was pleasing, but Antonio said he would have preferred a real human woman because the alien female could not talk. She could not kiss either, and other then kiss, she playfully nibbled his chin, which he thought was probably the equivalent of kissing.

The pair had sex twice, but the female alien still took another sperm sample from Antonio and stored it in a test tube. Before she departed the alien female rubbed her stomach and pointed up to the sky. Antonio thought that this meant she was going to have his baby, somewhere out there, not on this earth.

Antonio was convinced that was what it was all about, a human stud to provide good genes in order to improve their stock. He enjoyed the sex, but he did go on to say that the female alien almost spoiled the whole sexual moment at one stage because she was grunting and making noises like an animal.

Antonio was given a guided tour of the spacecraft, which he said was encased in a dome, and had a strange green light. After the tour the aliens took him to the exit and made it clear that he could go home. His alien abduction sexual encounter had lasted for over 4 hours.

The only proof that this strange experience ever took place was that after the encounter, Antonio felt sick, had bad headaches, burning eyes, sleep loss, and came out in strange wounds on his arms and legs that left scars.

Antonio visited Dr. Olavo Fontes from Brazil’s National School Of Medicine who ran extensive tests on Antonio Villas Boas and surprisingly found that Boas had at some point in the recent past been exposed to a large dose of radiation.

Boas undergoing medical tests shortly after his encounter

Antonio went on to become a successful lawyer and still stood by his story over 30 years later.Equally lurid stories of sexual liaisons with UFO occupants came from the world-famous contactees of the 1950s. Howard Menger, for one, had regular meetings with Marla, a beautiful blonde from space who claimed to be 500 years old. She projected “warmth, love and physical attraction,” which he found irresistible. Menger divorced his wife to marry Marla (aka Connie Weber).

From July 1952, Truman Bethurum had many meetings with Aura Rhanes, the captain of a flying saucer, whom he found to be “tops in shapeliness and beauty”. Bethurum’s wife wasn’t so impressed with this “queen of women” and cited Rhanes in her divorce petition.

Truman Bethurum's sketch of Aura Rhanes

From the late Forties to the early Sixties, female contactees in contrast to today’s female abductees are few and far between. This is more than made up for by the astonishing story of Elizabeth Klarer, who in 1956 fell in love with Akon, a scientist who took her to his home planet, Meton. There, he seduced her, saying: “Only a few are chosen for breeding purposes from beyond this solar system to infuse new blood into our ancient race.”

Elizabeth Klarer

This smooth talk worked. “I surrendered in ecstacy to the magic of his lovemaking,” she wrote later.

Klarer said their “magnetic union” produced a perfect and highly intelligent son named Ayling.

She was sent back to South Africa alone and died in 1994; her starman and son live on somewhere beyond Alpha Centauri. Rather ordinary tales of ‘contact’ are thus transformed into heroic fantasies of youthful virility.

Scientific ufologists, more interested in ‘hard’ evidence (like radar traces, photographs and forensic samples) condemn this ‘wet’ material as too subjective, relegating claims of sexual assault and abduction to the fields of psychology and folklore (which they likewise distrust).

When ufologist John Keel visited college communities in Northeast America during the mid-1960s, several young women told him they had been raped by aliens, and young men confessed that aliens had extracted their semen.

By the 1970s, the idea of hybrid ‘space babies’ was more widely known but taken seriously only by UFO cultists who, said Keel, feared, that “the flying saucer fiends are engaged in a massive biological experiment creating a hybrid race which will eventually take over the Earth.”

A decade later, these notions were part of mainstream ufology. Serious researchers some of them academics, like John E. Mack and David Jacobs openly declared their belief that the ‘Greys’ were taking sperm and ova from human abductees. It was common to hear female abductees tell of being impregnated, of the fetus taken from their wombs, and of later being shown their hybrid babies in a nursery on a flying saucer.

In the 1970s, a 19-year-old Californian girl attributed the birth of a blue-skinned, web-footed baby to being gang raped by six blue-skinned web-footed humanoids who attacked her after she watched their spaceship land on a beach.

Reading about all these stories of sex with aliens, I just cannot help myself from chuckling. And I will just end this post with this joke about sex with aliens. And if your wife or girlfriend has been pulling your ears when you are making love to her, you will now understand why, hahaha!

One night a flying saucer landed in the back yard of Tim and Ingrid of Pasadena, Texas. Two attractive aliens, one male and one female, emerged from the saucer and introduced themselves as Martians. They told their hosts they had come to planet Earth to conduct an experiment.

Tim asked, “What do you want from us?”

The experiment was research on having sex with Earthlings, the aliens replied. “Would you two like to assist us with or experiment?”

Tim and Ingrid thought it over and said okay. Tim took the female alien into one bedroom and Ingrid took the male alien into the other bedroom. After the male was undressed, Ingrid looked him over and started laughing. The alien asked what was so funny. Ingrid replied, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have laughed…It’s just that you’re not large enough to satisfy any woman on Earth!”

The alien replied, “No problem. Watch this.” He grabbed his ears and his penis grew 10 inches.

With a smile, Ingrid exclaimed, “Now that’s more like it!”

A few hours later, after the aliens had gone, Tim asked Ingrid, “Did you enjoy sex with the alien?”

“It was fantastic.”, replied Ingrid. Ingrid asked, “How about you. Did you enjoy sex with the alien?”

Tim replied, “It was okay except she kept pulling my ears.”

Why is he staring at us?

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