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Stevo Poulin – Eight-Year-Old Wrestling Champ

March 6, 2011
Stevo Poulin in action

Stevo Poulin is just a 8-year-old boy but you would not want to mess around with this mohawked wonder. He is a wrestling pro who takes down the competition with a briskness that is stunning. He is quick, agile and hes got the moves and almost always wins.

Stevo lives in Schuylerville, N.Y and in competition has a 256-26 record. And hes been at the wrestling game since he was in kindergarten when it was evident he had a knack for it.

He tosses his opponents around the way kids his age usually do with stuffed toys. In March of 2010 he won the Brute National Championship for his age group.

Stevo Poulin in action

Steve Poulin making his moves

Don't mess around with me or else....

Videos of the wrestling champ kid have been going around the Internet showing the wrestling prodigy dominating everybody in his way. In the videos, he takes down children almost twice his size. He has his game face on at all times, and his mohawk might be part of the show to intimidate his competition.

Check out Stevo in action.

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