Airlines regularly come under fire for their advertising and marketing tactics, but two Russian airlines have pushed the boundaries of good taste with their latest promotions.

Russia’s national airline Aeroflot regularly mails out gifts to its VIP loyalty program members, and this year they’ve settled on one perk designed to literally perk up their male customers.

The company will send out an eyebrow-raising 2011 calendar that fits nicely into the rest of Russia’s sex-soaked culture, where each page has one of the airline’s female flight attendants in some state of undress posing with aircraft. And by “some state” we mean “totally, completely, unapologetically naked.”

Though the calendars have not been sent out, they have been leaked onto the internet ahead of their release, causing a lot of turbulence for the airline.

The leak comes just days after Russian low-cost airline Avianova launched an advertisement which features bikini-clad stewardesses wiping down jumbo jets.

Airline calendars featuring scantily clad flight attendants are nothing new. But Aeroflot's calendar goes a step further by featuring far more explicit images than its predecessors.

The raunchy images have prompted fury among airline staff in Australia.

Jo-Ann Davidson of the Secretary of the Flight Attendants Association of Australia told "It's a sad reflection of the attitude of the airline's executives - dare I say more than likely middle aged males - towards cabin crew, in particular, female cabin crew by portraying them in such a demeaning, distasteful and irrelevant manner."

Below are the tamer images from the calendar. Don't let the tastefully cropped examples fool you. Some of these shots in the calendar are truly explicit, featuring full frontal nudity with nothing left to the imagination. You can view the explicit images by just making a Google image search for Aeroflot 2010 calendar but please be warned that these images are NSFW!

Aeroflot Nude Calendar

One of the images from the calendar

And while Aeroflot may be pushing the boundaries of good behaviour with its marketing, the airline has been attempting to improve the behaviour of its passengers.

Earlier this year, Aeroflot banned the sale of alcohol in economy class on some routes.

The move came after several mid-air incidents involving drunken fights and other bad behaviour.

Aeroflot said it had targeted specific routes that were infamous for binge drinking by passengers and that the number of incidents on board planes had dropped as a result.