Meet 35-year-old Chelsea Charms……the woman with the biggest augmented breasts in the world.  At only 5’3″ tall, her size 164XXX boobs weigh a whopping 26lbs each! She fondly nicknames her giant breasts Itsy and Bitsy, with each the equivalent of two watermelons.

Chelsea Charms

Chelsea Charms, from Minneapolis in the US (born March 7, 1976), is a big-bust model, porn star, and stripper. She has appeared on the covers and in the pages of Buxotica, Score (March 2000), Hustler Busty Beauties (April 2000), and other adult magazines specializing in large breasted models.

Chelsea, a natural Cup D before her surgery, became a DD after an operation aged 20, then becoming a HH a year later. A year and a half later she underwent a now-banned operation called polypropylene string breast implants. Polypropylene is a substance used to make packaging. The implants, which resemble a ball of yarn, irritate the breast lining  which, in turn, promotes the production of fluid. The fluid is absorbed by the implants, making them swell , grow and irritate the tissue further, causing continuous breast growth. Chelsea’s breasts are still growing at a rate of one inch a month.

Chelsea Charms

I think Philip Schofield, host of ITV’s This Morning show, must have struggled to keep his eyes from staring at Chelsea’s giant boobs when she appeared on his show recently.

Schofe later tweeted a picture of himself posing with Chelsea after interviewing the 35-year-old model, commenting simply: “Good grief!! :)

Philip Schofield posing with Chelsea Charms

He had earlier tweeted to his 762,034 Twitter followers: “The lady with the mahooooosive boobs has arrived! Everyone trying to keep their eyes up …. and failing.”

Phillip, 49, demonstrated on the show how heavy Chelsea’s breasts are by lifting up two bags weighed down with two watermelons.

Phillip demonstrated on the show how heavy Chelsea's breasts are by lifting up two bags weighed down with two watermelons.

Phil’s co-host Ruth Langsford, in her admission that she was struggling to see past Chelsea’s bosoms, told Chelsea: “You’re a lovely, lovely woman but I’ve found it quite hard to have a normal conversation with these massive things here. So for guys it must be quite hard. Even as a woman you don’t want to stare but they are things which are going to make people stare.”

Chelsea admitted that she did not plan on going this big but it just happened on its own. She admitted her giant boobs can make everyday things awkward, saying “I sleep on my back or my side. Aeroplane bathrooms are tough – they’re very tight. Eating is a problem because I have to sit so far from my food.”

Chelsea Charms...biggest breasts in the world

Angry viewers blasted ITV for having Chelsea Charms as a guest on the show. Parents complained that their children saw Chelsea Charms discussing her sex industry career and size 164XXX chest with host Phillip Schofield.

Chelsea Charms

Her giant boobs stretch her tops that are too small until they are ready to tear. Her deep, cavernous, huge cleavage projects far out in front of her.

With an estimated 10,000cc equivalent size implants inside each of her beautiful huge breasts, Chelsea is able to stretch any top she puts on to an extreme that is indescribable. Her giant boobs don’t only project a few feet in front of her, but out to the sides as well.

Chelsea has troubles finding tops to cover her big boobs, and often has to buy clothes that are too big. And yet she still stretches the material out, distorting her clothes.

Chelsea Charms

Chelsea admits she enjoys the attention that comes with her massive breasts.

‘It was a way to get myself out there and get me noticed!’ she said.

‘Obviously I can’t have them forever and obviously I will reduce eventually…but I don’t think I could go back down to a D cup!’

The late Eurotrash star Lolo Ferrari held the Guinness World Record for the Heaviest Breasts in 1999 with each of her boobs weighing 6lb 2oz. She died in 2000 of an overdose.

Chelsea laments that The Guinness Book Of Records is yet to recognise her chest: ‘They haven’t called!’ she says.

She said: “I call them Itsy and Bitsy.

“I didn’t set out to have the world’s biggest boobs, but, well, they do have a mind of their own. Fortunately, they pay their way.”

As her breasts are continually growing, Chelsea has to splash out hundreds of pounds for specially made bras every two months.

She added: “People often ask why I don’t have the implants removed now that they are illegal. Why should I?

“I am not ashamed of my body; it’s a work of art. Itsy and Bitsy are my biggest assets. You may think I am a freak but I wouldn’t have my body any other way.”