With Flora Cheung about to debut on Hong Kong’s first nude cooking show, the curiousity over this show has become reached a frenzy. My first article on this has reached No. 1 on Google search if you google Naked chef Flora Cheung.

This post is essentially to provide more photos of the naked chef Flora Cheung as well as her video clips.

Naked chef in action.....are you looking at her cooking or are your eyes glued to something else?

Naked chef Flora Cheung

Pity the pan is not a see-though pan, haha!

Naked chef Flora Cheung wearing a tailor-made fully transparent apron that won't leave much to the imagination.

Each 30-minute episode of the Cantonese language show hosted by the 26-year-old Flora Cheung will be broadcasted on the Ice Fire channel on NOW TV, Hong Kong Broadband Network and TVB Pay Vision.

For a taste of the show, check out the Youtube trailer in which the camera follows Cheung as she navigates the wet markets of Hong Kong, fully clothed. After she purchases ingredients, Cheung goes into her kitchen to cook. Here, she strips and dons a transparent apron that protects her and yet reveals all.

The following YouTube video is a confidential clip of the naked chef as she starts to strip. It is a real teaser !