For decades, adultery has been a crime in Korea punishable by up to two years in jail but South Korea’s highest court has just struck down the law, a statute that critics said is anachronistic and infringes on personal freedom, sending shares of the country's biggest condom maker surging.

The law banning adultery had been enacted in 1953 to protect wives who were financially dependent on their husbands and had little recourse against cheating husbands in a male-dominated society where divorce was rare. More recently, supporters of the law have argued that it preserves conservative family values amid a surge of modernisation. But divorce rates and women’s economic and legal standing have soared in the decades since, leaving many to argue that the law outlived its usefulness.

"The law is unconstitutional as it infringes people's right to make their own decisions on sex and secrecy and freedom of their private life, violating the principle banning excessive enforcement under the constitution," said Seo Ki-seok, a constitutional court justice, reading an opinion representing five justices.

The presiding justice, Park Han-chul, said: “Public conceptions of individuals’ rights in their sexual lives have undergone changes.”

One dissenter, justice Ahn Chang-ho, said the vote would “spark a surge in debauchery”.

Seven members of the nine-judge panel deemed the law to be unconstitutional.

Shares in Unidus Corp, which produces lines of condoms called Long-Love, Fantasia and Real Touch, as well as “sensual lubricants” and latex medical products such as surgical gloves, soared to the 15 per cent daily limit gain on the country’s Kosdaq market after the ruling legalizing adultery.


Each year several thousand spouses file criminal adultery complaints in South Korea but it is rare for someone to be jailed partly because courts have demanded stronger proof that sexual intercourse occurred.  According to prosecutors, no one was put behind bars last year although 892 were indicted on adultery charges. Charges are frequently dropped, as divorcing couples increasingly turn to civil courts and financial settlements to resolve their differences.

Judicial authorities have revisited the law five times since 1990, most recently in 2008, when the actress Ok So-ri admitted to having an affair with a singer, sparking a high-profile scandal; her husband, a radio announcer, demanded that she receive the full sentence. Ok petitioned the constitutional court, and five judges voted in her favour — one fewer than the threshold to have the law overturned. She was handed a suspended sentence, and did not spend time in jail.


Under the law, cases could be brought against people only by their spouses, and if a spouse chose to drop the complaint, the prosecutors could not continue.


Embattled Manchester United legendary star Ryan Giggs, once regarded as one of the most clean-cut characters in football, has now been branded a dirty dog by his own relatives after details of his secret affair with his brother’s wife surfaced yesterday.

Giggs has been battling to save his marriage which has been rocked by his affair with Big Brother star Imogen Thomas that he tried to cover up with a controversial super-injunction. Embroiled in the notorious  Imogen scandal and already facing shame and humiliation, Giggs’ image has now been reduced to tatters with the latest scandal.

Ryan Giggs & Imogen Thomas

Yesterday love rat Ryan Giggs stood accused of the ultimate act of betrayal – after sensational claims that he had an eight-year affair with his brother Rhodri’s wife Natasha.

Natasha Giggs, 28, said she slept with the Man United ace for eight years as they betrayed her husband Rhodri and Giggs’ missus, Stacey.

A devastated Rhodri Giggs, 34, was last night struggling to come to terms with the bombshell news of the betrayed by both his brother and his wife of ten months.

Last night, Rhodri told how he and Natasha had split up following the shock revelations that his brother Ryan had bedded his wife for 8 years. He said: “I was with her on Saturday – but I’m not with her now.”

Giggs’ disgusted aunt Joanna Wilson stormed: “He’s just a dirty dog.” Joanna, sister of Ryan and Rhodri’s father Danny Wilson, said: “It’s horrendous. He has no morals. It was one thing having an affair with Imogen, but this is said to be with his brother’s wife, for God’s sake.”

Speaking at her home in Ely, Cardiff, she added: “I could almost understand if it was someone else, another footballer’s wife – then so what? But not with his own sister-in-law. And it went on for such a long time. It is horrendous and we are all gutted for Rhodri.”

Joanna, 49, said she also felt sorry for dad-of-two Giggs’ unsuspecting wife Stacey Cooke, 32, saying: “She should kick his a*** and take him for every single penny he’s got.”

Some family members are now asking whether Ryan, 37, could be the father of his own nephew – Rhodri and Natasha’s son conceived in the middle of her affair with the multi-millionaire player.

A source close to the couple said: “Rhodri had no idea what was going on and of course there are now questions who the real father is.

“That’s what everyone will be asking. He looks just like Rhodri – but then the two brothers also look very similar.”

Natasha, 28, is now expected to have a DNA test to determine the father.

Even after the birth of his own children, Giggs – whose reputation was built around his family man image – is said to have continued to see Natasha in secret and reportedly slept with her as recently as April 9.

Ryan Giggs & his brother's wife Natasha

Natasha revealed that she was a 20-yeare-old single mother when she first met Giggs in Manchester nightclub Sugar Lounge in 2003. Stacey, who was then his fiancée, was already pregnant with their first child. Riggs apparently bought Natasha drinks and complimented her appearance before taking her number and allegedly asking her to meet him the following night. The following night they went to the Living Room bar, where Natasha also met Ryan’s brother Rhodri. The trio continued onto another club and then dined at a Chinese restaurant for a meal before all heading back to a friend’s house where Natasha allegedly first slept with Ryan.

After that night, Giggs kept in touch with Natasha and regularly meet up with her to have sex. But in May 2003, Natasha started dating his brother Rhodri and two months later Ryan apparently stopped contacting her. They met up at a New Year party at his mother’s house though and Ryan apparently pretended to Stacey that he didn’t know Natasha. After that they didn’t see each other for a year but Ryan contacted her once again to resume the alleged affair in the autumn of 2004, pursuing her for sex and sending her graphic text messages. They had their trysts at hotels in the Manchester area as well as in empty houses and flats she had access to through her job as an estate agent.

Meanwhile, Rhodri proposed to Natasha in 2005 and Ryan was meant to be his best man. Natasha fell pregnant to Rhodri later that year, but is claimed to have still slept with Ryan during a charity golf tournament in June 2006. But as the alleged affair didn’t come out, Rhodri and Natasha finally tied the knots in Las Vegas in 2010, but with another pal Will Mellor stepping in as best man instead of Ryan.

Natasha & Rhodri Giggs

Natasha had sex with Giggs the day after his eight-year-old daughter was born, and again the day after his four-year-old son was born, while his wife Stacey was still in hospital.

Yesterday it emerged Natasha only decided to come clean after confronting Ryan about his relationship with Big Brother star Imogen Thomas– an affair he tried to hide behind an ill-fated injunction.

After she challenged him, he is said to have sent her a text saying: “What the f*** u going on about? This has been the worst 2 weeks of my life!!!”

Natasha reportedly told a friend: “His response was completely selfish. But then I’ve discovered that Ryan only ever thinks about himself. I honestly thought he felt a lot about me and respected me – but clearly he didn’t. Our relationship was just about sex for him.”

She said: “I knew it was wrong. It’s the worst possible betrayal. I tried to end it but my relationship with Ryan was like an addiction.

“Anything he said, I did. If he wanted me to drop everything to meet him, I would. I couldn’t say no. But Ryan never told me he loved me. It was all about sex.”

But after learning about Giggs and Imogen, she told a pal: “He wasn’t just cheating on Stacey, he was cheating on me too.”

She says she was deeply hurt when she heard rumours of his affair with Imogen, adding: “I know that sounds strange, but he wasn’t just cheating on Stacey – he was cheating on me too.”

“Ryan and I have already had an affair for eight years. It’s a terrible secret I’ve had to keep for too long now. I don’t want it weighing on my conscience any more. I don’t want to have to carry on lying.”

Over the weekend Natasha is believed to have left a note confessing all before going into hiding. A family friend said: “Rhodri is devastated – he just can’t get his head round it.

“Natasha just wrote him a letter and disappeared, she didn’t even tell him face to face. He says she’s ruined his life.”

According to the friend, Giggs has called Rhodri – but is still claiming the alleged affair never happened. The friend said: “Ryan called him but he’s still denying everything at the minute.

“Rhodri is disgusted with him. Natasha was at her son’s birthday party on Saturday and then didn’t return with the kids.

“She’s left the country and it’s Rhodri who’s been left to deal with all the fall-out on his own.”

His previous lover Imogen wrote on Twitter yesterday: “I just wanna curl up and die today.”

Delivery van driver Rhodri has told friends he may now spill the beans on “the real Ryan Giggs”.

One pal said: “He’s devastated and can’t believe the extent of his humiliation – by both of them.

“Rhodri said, ‘I know me and Ryan have had our ups and downs but this is the lowest of the low’.

Natasha’s stepfather Paul Lever, 53, said news of his daughter’s relationship with Giggs – which began in March 2003 and only ended on April 9 this year – had come as a shock.

Speaking from the family home in Worsley, Greater Manchester – the village where Giggs lives in a Ł4million mansion – Mr Lever said: “Natasha is gutted. But not half as much as Rhodri will be. It is just an awful situation.”

The Giggs brothers’ father Danny Wilson was also rocked by the news. Former Swinton rugby league player Danny, 55, told The Sun two weeks ago he remained supportive of Ryan despite his cheating with Imogen.

He said then: “I’m deeply disappointed at Ryan but I’m still as proud of him as I have always been. I hope he gets over it.”

Yesterday he was too upset to speak at his Cardiff home.

A friend said: “In Danny’s eyes it’s much worse than the Imogen thing. It’s taken it to a different level.”

Meanwhile Giggs was in Spain fighting to save his marriage to Stacey Cooke, 32, who has been reeling from the news of Giggs’ fling with Imogen. He flew by private jet from Manchester to join Stacey and their two children Libby, eight, and Zach, four, before the latest scandal broke.

Ryan Giggs & wife Stacey

Unicef ambassador Giggs, made an OBE in 2007 and BBC Sports Personality of the Year in 2009, previously claimed his family was “the most important thing to me”.


When God created men and women, he made them different. Men come with a “P” and women come with a “V”. Yes, men and women have different genitalia.  But is that all the difference between men and women? Not by a long shot!

Difference between men and women

Difference between the way man and woman view their bodies

Women fall in love with men for their charm and rough edges, but they will only keep their men when their men show that they can take a certain degree of training. Remember, a good woman will change her man, but it’s almost always for the better.

There are some men who believe they need a complicated empirical formula to understand women. It’s true that women can at times be almost impossible to understand in relationships. However, it only takes some patience, time and a little determination to decipher even the most confusing female behavior.

The formula to understand women

Do research by spending some time with your female friends, female colleagues, sisters, or female relatives and pick their brains. Ask questions that have been baffling you. You’ll be surprised at how much you can learn about female behavior, habits, interests and desires just by spending time with them.

Get out of your comfort zone. Most women expect their men to be in touch with their own emotions as well. Learn to open up and not keep all your feelings bottled up inside. Let down your guard and confide in her about any life-changing events or experiences, such as the death of a loved one. As you continue to share your inner-most emotions with her, the bond between you and her will grow immensely. For women, sharing emotions and stories is an important part of a relationship.

Women need to communicate often to feel connected. This means talking, looking, touching … but essentially talking. Listen to what she has to say. This requires staying silent on your part. You have probably conditioned yourself to look as though you’re listening when, in fact, your mind is somewhere else completely. It’s time to stop such disrespectful behavior and get used to giving the woman in your life your undivided attention. All you have to do is to listen. In most situations, you don’t even have to give any advice because all she wants is to know that you care.By listening intently, you will be warmly appreciated.

Understanding woman

Women do not always want you to fix things; they often just want you to listen, be sympathetic and tell them about a time when you felt the exact same way. When men listen to a problem, they immediately think of doing something to solve it. Do not do that, just listen without offering advice or, if you feel you must do something, ask: “Is this one of those times when you want me to listen and not give you advice, or can I say something?” If you do it this way, she will see you really understand her and she is going to appreciate you a lot.

Talk to her. When the two of you have a disagreement or argument, do not give her the silent treatment. You must let go of your pride, however difficult it may be, and approach her for a heart-to-heart conversation. If you refuse to open up, you will only make the woman in your life feel more insecure and uncertain about the relationship, and this will make her behavior seem that much more confusing.

Walk a mile in her shoes. You will gain a much broader understanding of women in relationships if you simply take the time and effort to acknowledge the struggles and disappointments that women face. Try to look at the world from a female viewpoint, but be aware that the view may be quite overwhelming. As you become familiar with some of the hardships that women face, you will gain a much deeper understanding of a woman’s mind and heart. When that occurs, you will never be confused again.

Women are such amazing beings!

Women understand that they are physically weaker than men. Women see the world as “violent”, contrary to men, who mainly find it “competitive”. That is why women, even teenagers, look for company to walk with them in the streets, or look forward to living with a man by their side when they grow up. This gives them a feeling of security: the most important requirement to develop and fulfill their femininity.

When they find this security, the next step in a woman’s world is to take care of their immediate environment. Not only do they have to be beautiful, taking care of themselves… their immediate environment also needs to be beautiful. That is why women care so much about that “pretty little earring” and little things.

It has been said that women are funny beings and the more men try to understand them the more men get confused and disoriented. The secret to understanding women is to realize that they are emotional beings driven by spikes in hormonal changes in the body.

Understanding women

When a woman says, “You’re … so manly” it means—– You’re a little strong on the scent, need a shave, and you sweated a lot.

When a woman says, “You’re certainly attentive tonight”, it means —— Is sex all you ever think about?

When a woman says, “Do you love me?”, it means —– I’m going to ask for something really expensive from you.

When a woman says, “How much do you love me?” it means —– I did something terrible today and you’re really not going to like it, but if you love me as much as you should it won’t really matter.

When a woman says, “Did you just hear the baby?” it means—– Get your butt out of bed right now, and go get the baby and do what ever it takes to quiet him, so I can get some rest.

A woman’s prerogative is to change like the wind! So be prepared!

Oh yes, my fellow men, despair no more. I have found the definitive guide to understanding women. So cheer up, man!  You are gonna love this book!

The definitive guide to women


When the verdict on his daughter’s death was read out yesterday at a Coroner’s Inquiry at the Subordinate Courts, Mr Li Kui You, 58, could only lay his head on the table.

The soya-bean farmer, who arrived in Singapore with two relatives on Christmas night, was too despondent to raise his head when State Coroner Victor Yeo ruled that there was no foul play and that Ms Li Hong Yan’s death was an accident. Evidence from police investigations showed that Ms Li, 24, whose naked body was found face-down in a Sentosa Cove bungalow pool in March, did not take her own life.

Wearing a dark blue Mao jacket, Mr Li looked tired and sombre. He broke down when answering journalists’ questions about his daughter.

Li Hong Yan's parents, Madam Sun Jing Fang (left), 49, and Mr Li Kui You, 58.

Prior to Ms Li’s death, her family and relatives had been under the impression that she had come to Singapore to be a hairdresser, for which she received training in China.

“She was such a sweet girl who never lost her temper. She got along with everyone,” said Madam Fang Shu Hui, 57, who accompanied Mr Li to court yesterday. Madam Fang is the mother-in-law of Ms Li’s elder sister.

Mr Yeo concluded that the freelance KTV hostess drowned accidentally as she swam in the pre-dawn hours of March 24 this year.

The body of Li Hong Yan, 24, a Chinese national, was found in the pool of a bungalow at Sentosa Cove.

Ms Li had spent the night at the house with its owner, Mr Adrian Chua Boon Chye. Mr Chua’s maid Aye Aye Tun, 26, a Myanmar national, was tidying up the study, which was overlooking the pool, when she saw the naked body floating face-down.

Ms Li arrived from Heilongjiang province in China last year and was employed as an assistant supervisor at an Indian eatery in Jalan Besar. Meanwhile, she moonlighted as a KTV hostess at a nightclub in Outram Road. She quit her supervisor job in early March to become a full-time hostess.

Chinese national Li Hong Yan (left), 24, whose naked body was found in the lap pool of a bungalow, has been said to resemble Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi (right).

It was at the nightclub that she hooked up with Mr Adrian Chua, 39, chief executive realty-investment firm Roundhill Capital. He affectionately called her “Wawa”, or “doll” in Mandarin and had taken her to his multi-million-dollar home in Sentosa Cove at least twice previously, each time paying her $800 for an evening’s companionship.

Adrian Chua Boon Chye

On March 24, they had sex and at about 7am, Mr Chua’s 26-year-old maid, Myanmar national Aye Aye Tun, found Ms Li floating face down in his pool.

Mr Chua said he had sex with Ms Li, after which he fell asleep at around 4am.

Li Hong Yan

A toxicology test showed Li’s blood contained 125mg/100ml of ethanol. The legal limit for drink-driving is 70mg.

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage showed images of Ms Li unlocking the sliding doors leading to the pool at 3.48am. She was alone and fully clothed.

Mr Yeo said: “I am of the view that, at the pool-deck area, she removed her clothes so as not to get them wet.” There was no CCTV camera installed in the outdoor area.

Mr Yeo surmised that Ms Li, who could not swim, had difficulty keeping her head above water after stepping into the pool. The coroner said that it was also possible she could have slipped while walking down the steps of the pool and sustained the 2cm by 1cm bruise on her left knee. But he ruled out foul play as there were no evidence or injuries that indicated she was attacked. Her colleagues and flat-mates also said that she was cheerful and did not appear to have any problems.

Ms Li is 1.54m tall and the pool’s maximum depth is 1.5m. The lights inside and around the pool were not switched on. As Mr Chua had previously taken her to the pool deck to chat and smoke, Mr Yeo said Ms Li probably went there again to smoke, adding that Ms Aye Aye Tun found Mr Chua’s cigarettes and lighter with Ms Li’s clothes.

Mr Chua said he was woken up by two Sentosa Cove security personnel at 8am. “I was shocked to hear that a naked woman was found drowned in my pool,” he said.

Mr Chua, 39, is the founder and chief executive officer of Roundhill Capital, a real estate investment advisory firm, registered in Singapore under his residential address. He is unmarried and is said to have lived at the three-storey house along Ocean Drive for over a year.

The bungalow at Sentosa Cove

He has since sold the Sentosa property. He appeared calm yesterday as he took the stand, looking steadily at Mr Li and his relatives when Mr Yeo asked them if they had any questions for him. Mr Li could only shake his head and bury his face in his folded arms, saying in Mandarin that he was confused.

He was similarly dazed when two members of the public handed him about $500 in cash.

His eyes moist with tears, Mr Li could only utter: “Thank you.”


Women across the globe are right now updating their Facebook statuses with where they like it. And the first thing that immediately comes to people’s mind is that the “it” must be “sex”.

“I like it on the floor,” “I like it on the couch,” “I like it on my desk”, “I like it on the counter”, “I like it on Facebook”,  “I like it on the bed”… you may have seen a lot of these Facebook status updates today.

But what is the “it”?

I like it on the.....

“It” is for “purse.” The Washington Post’s Melissa Bell explains:

Women are posting where they like to keep their purses when they come home, but they conveniently leave out the word “purse.”

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and the “I like it on” trend is an attempt for women to unite around that cause in a top secret way. The idea is literally to leave men in the dark.

This isn’t the first time a Facebook status update has gone viral. Last year the ladies of Facebook wrote the color of their bra – and nothing else – as their Facebook statuses. The random rumblings of “red,” “hot pink” or “electric blue lace” had men (and plenty of women) scratching their heads and wondering why ladies are putting a color in their Facebook status. The bra color Facebook status update went viral, also in support of raising breast cancer awareness.

Color of bra Facebook status

This time around women finishing this sentence: “I like it on the …” People are, as you’d expect, assuming this means where women like to have sex. In reality, they’re telling you where they set their handbag when they have to put it down.

But it’s not a natural phenomenon — it’s to raise awareness for serious illness. Whatever it is, it’s in lieu of actual fundraising. This makes sense: The domain of the social web is that things happen in lieu of anything actually happening.

This gives more validity to Malcolm Gladwell’s rant against social networking in the New Yorker last week.

Gladwell claims social networking increases participation by lowering the motivation that is required to effectively participate in anything. So instead of volunteering or giving money to, say, breast cancer awareness, you put a vaguely sexual remark in your status update, thereby participating in the cause with the minimal amount of effort.

This whole “linking” phenomenon is also paradoxical.

Gizmodo recently published a photo of the disgusting pink goop that eventually becomes chicken patties and nuggets. Almost 100,000 people have “liked” it. So we like the photo of the slop we eat? Or do we like “liking” something disgusting to be ironic? Who knows. Maybe we just like having the ability to like something on Facebook. Whatever it is, it definitely strengthens Gladwell’s “weak ties” argument.

If social networking has proved anything it’s that even in solitude in front of our computers we say we like something even though we really don’t.


Do you have $20-30 million to spare? Ever thought of owning what will probably become the most expensive real estate in cyberspace?

sexdotcom, the domain name touted as one  of the most valuable in history, will go up for auction next week after its previous owner defaulted on the loan taken up to finance its purchase.

The website name was last bought in 2006 by Escom LLC for a reported record $14 million backed by DOM Partners LLC, a lender from New Jersey. But the lender is now foreclosing the Internet property after the owner Escom failed to pay its loan. Bidding, which is due to start on March 18 in New York, would start at $1 million. Bidders are required to require to produce a certified check for $1 million in order to participate.

Auctions for simple domain names are a good opportunity for internet entrepreneurs but such domain names are very expensive now. When the internet was still in its infancy, shrewd investors snapped up basic domain names for basic prices only to sell them for sky-high profits a few years later. however has had a turbulent history including allegations of theft and countless court cases. It was originally registered by Gary Kremen, the entrepreneur who founded dating website, in 1994.

In 1995, through a scam, the ownership was transferred to “porn baron” Stephen Cohen, resulting in a five-year legal battle over ownership. A Californian judge awarded $65 million in damages to Mr Kremen and returned him the rights to He eventually put the site on the market in 2006, and Escom reportedly paid $14 million for it.

According to Charles Carreon, a lawyer who  wrote about the domain’s legal troubles in his book “The Chronicles”, the site generated $15,000 a day in revenue at one point. So you can imagine how valuable this domain name is. The domain was bought by Toys “R” us last year for $5.1 million. I think it’s a foregone certainty that will easily sell for $20 million or more!