Well-known Singaporean blogger Bon Qiu Qiu created a big buzz online when she requested for sponsorship for breast augmentation by plastic surgery on her blog in May this year with her “Anyone wanna sponsor a boobs job? A pair of boobs” post.

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Tired of being nicknamed ‘Airport Runway’, she made her appeal as she is participating in an online show which requires bikini-clad hosts to engage various activities like reading news and playing games.

Though this kind of request is nothing new online, her blog became a huge hit , spurning a lot of wide controversy on online discussion forums. She eventually got her wish and underwent a breast-filling treatment by a doctor for free.

Qiu Qiu, whose real name is Hong Qiu Ting, said: “That posting started out as a ‘retaliation’ against critics who accused me of trying to ‘squeeze money’ from my readers.”

Qiu Qiu, 23, said: “In reality, I’d been living with the stigma of having a flat chest. I’m so tired of being called an airport runway.”

How she ended up getting the free treatment sheds interesting light on how the Internet can work to one’s advantage.

After Qiu Qiu posted her entry, she was flamed for it when someone wrote to citizen journalism website Stomp. Netizens called her a beggar and accused her of being vain. But the controversy only served  to drive even more traffic to her blog – from the average of 1,000 hits to about 2,000 a day.

Meanwhile, Internet entertainment portal clicknetwork. tv took note of her blog as part of its talent scouting.

Miss Gillian Tan, 30, director of Munkysuperstar Pictures, said: “We found that Qiu Qiu was a savvy shopper and decided to produce a shopping programme with her as the host.”

Budget Barbie raised Qiu Qiu’s profile further and traffic to her blog hit 4,500 a day. She was also interviewed on RazorTV, where she defended her blog posting. And in an article in The Straits Times in July, she talked again about she hoped to get sponsorship for breasts implants before donning a bikini on her show.

It resulted in a handful of offers – including one from a public relations company representing a reputable aesthetic clinic – made through clicknetwork. tv to sponsor Qiu Qiu  for the treatment.

A close friend of Miss Tan’s told her about Dr Jonathan Lee, whom she was seeing.

Miss Tan then approached Dr Lee for his participation in the project, and this eventually led to Qiu Qiu, who is also a part-time model, getting a sponsorship for a breast filler procedure last month. Dr Lee, leading consultant surgeon at The Aesthetic Studio, performed the procedure for free while medical group Q-Med sponsored the gel filler that was used.

Breast fillers cost between $8,000 and $12,000, depending on the amount of gel injected.

The standard procedure, which takes some 30 to 45 minutes, is performed under local anaesthesia. A gel is injected through special cannulas (blunt metallic tubes) either from the armpit or under the breast crease into the fat beneath the glandular tissues in the breast.

It is considered minimally invasive and does not affect the breast function. Patients have to wear a support garment for a week.

Miss Tan said: “We settled for Dr Lee because Qiu Qiu felt most comfortable with the treatment that he’d suggested.

“I also liked the fact that he was very detailed in explaining the various options.”

Dr Lee said: “I agreed to do the procedure with the sole objective of educating and informing the public of this non-surgical aesthetic procedure that can be a safe and  effective option for body contouring.”

When Qiu Qiu first knew that “it” was going to happen, she didn’t dare to believe it.

She said: “Except for my sisters and my boyfriend, I didn’t dare to share the news. I didn’t want to jinx it, you know, like how expectant mothers would usually keep mum about their pregnancy until they cross the first trimester?”

Qiu Qiu added: “I had to keep reminding myself to lower my expectation and not to get too excited.”

Until the night before the surgery – when she finally posted on her blog: “… Been affected by it for too long. Been waiting for good news.

“Been for consultation a few times. Been massaging myself for it.

“This is it. I am getting a boob job tomorrow.”

After the treatment, she experienced some discomfort but otherwise was not in pain. An eight-minute clip documenting the procedure hasbeen uploaded on clicknetwork.tv.

Qiu Qiu is feeling ecstatic over her new assets and flaunting them unabashedly too.

She said: “That’s the highlight of my life so far. I can now wear a bikini and go down to the beach.

“I don’t have to carry an umbrella and pretend that I don’t like the sun.

“Do you know I can finally fill an A-cup bra now?”

The "new" Qiu Qiu