All Meg McLain, a young radio host on the Libertarian-leaning radio show Free Talk Left, wanted to do was catch her flight at Ft. Lauderdale International Airport when she was randomly chosen to be intrusively body-scanned (often referred to as porn-scanned). She found herself caught up in another Transportation Security Administration drama when she dared to opt out of the complete body scanning offered by the TSA.

When she refused, a mind-boggling chain of events ensued. TSA agents raised an enormous ruckus. The TSA agents began bellowing Opt-Out, Opt-Out in a premeditated attempt to embarrass her into changing her mind. Who, after all, wants to be the object of close scrutiny in front of many strangers?

When she was told that she would be subjected to the advance pat-down, a procedure that apparently involves squeezing and twisting her breasts, she asked some question about what they planned to do to her. TSA agents flipped out, yelling at her, handcuffing her to a chair, ripping up her ticket, calling 12 local Miami cops and finally escorting her out of the airport.

This is a prime example of overzealous officials trampling on the rights of an innocent woman. Who wants to have their breasts and genitalia fondled by strangers? Who gives the right for the TSA to become such bullies? It is really pathetic.

You must listen to her story as she told it on radio show Free Talk Live last night. Things are truly getting scary. Be afraid, people, be very afraid.