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Text Cash Network – The Next Global Giant

November 7, 2011
Time  Money Freedom Through Cash Text Network

Greetings Friends,

I hope you are having a great weekend.

I just wanted to give you the heads up about an exciting worldwide opportunity. I have not promoted any opportunity on my blog before but this one looks really promising. I just have to share this with my loyal blog readers as this MAY turn out to be the huge opportunity that it is touted to be.

If you would like to grab a spot, here is the link:

Often times with new, prelaunch/start ups, it is simply impossible to know right away how the story will turn out.

Well, I have some very good news for you all. My sponsor David Reid spent a good half hour or more last night speaking to the owner of Text Cash Network, Brett Hudson, and to say he is excited would be a great understatement! This may well turn out to be the breakthrough that you are looking for, according you a “Time & Money Freedom” lifestyle.

Time Money Freedom Through Cash Text Network

The guys behind this company are razor sharp serious, with huge experience, and the chances of this company being a huge success story are very large. We are in great hands here!

The response to TCN has been phenomenal. The brilliance of the concept is clear and self evident, and if there was ever something that virtually anyone could promote, this would be it!

So, don’t be shy! Spread the word now before the site goes fully live on 11/11/11, and create a virally growing legacy for yourself. You will be so glad you did!

Notes on David Reids conversation with Brett Hudson, Founder CEO of Text Cash Network:

* TCN is owned by Brett Hudson and the Johnson Group. There are no other owners or admin.

* Software is all in house and custom designed.

* They are coming from highly successful traditional sales back ground, and not mlm arena.

* They have expert professional, experienced guidance and support to integrate into network marketing.

* They are projecting 1 million members in 6 months. 2 Million or more in a year.

* People are joining at the rate of 100 per hour right now.

* Brett has been a very successful business man. He took his two previous ventures public.

* People can always join free and earn on their 10-level matrix.

* There will be an optional upgrade level, which will qualify us for the matching and other bonuses.

* They will be moving into local advertising, merchants etc.

* There is nothing in our industry like Text Cash Network.

* They are going after the model used by Groupon and Living Social.

* Groupon was offered 6 Billion dollars after only 4 years, and that was on an email platform.

* There will be a full array of marketing tools, giving us everything we need to market TCN.

* There will be everything we need to spread the word virally via social media.

* There will soon be a generic video for posting on social media etc., explaining how it all works.

* There will be full customer service support coming online.

* There will be conference calls, webinars, recorded calls, etc.

* We are fully international. In areas that do not support texting, people can receive the ads via email.

* We can sign up people anywhere, worldwide without restriction.

* All data will be real time.

* With email you never know if someone opens the ad. With text, you know if it’s been delivered.

* The open rate of text messages is much much larger than email open rates, and advertisers know this.

* This is a simple application, a virtual product, and guaranteed deliverability.

* Customers will only pay for delivered ads, a huge upside for vendors.

* The back end is already 100% complete. They are ready for the masses to enter now.

* The technology is already designed, flawless, and ready to go.

* We will be paid on a worldwide debit card.

* They had previously developed something called “happy birthday gift card”, which was a mobile

app to deliver cash on birthdays, so they are very experienced in this arena.

* They have the ability to create their own internal e-wallet system, and have experience doing this.

* They have proven experience with processing, orders, payouts, rewards, moving money, etc.

* There is no question if this is going to fly or not. The company is rock solid and ready to go.

* Distributors can build this knowing that the company is ready, prepared, experienced, and fully dedicated.

* People should begin setting up Facebook Fan Pages in every country of the world, to capture the growing worldwide interest.

* We are at the beginning of something much larger than most people realize, and those who build now will be richly rewarded.

Text Cash Network Inc. is a new division of a five year old communications company owned by The Johnson Group. Brett Hudson President of Text Cash Network Inc. has over 12 years of management experience in the high technology computer field.

Brett created a start up Dot Com Company in 1996 from the ground floor and took it public within 2 years, achieved a $42 million valuation before exiting the Company. He also founded a stored value card company in 2001 that was acquired by a publicly traded company in 2003.

The company has spent 2 years planning TEXT THE WORLD and to launch T.C.N. PROJECT 2012 and they currently have the capabilities to text 165 Countries at the rate of 15,000 texts per minute. Imagine the capability to text 900,000 per hour or over 215,000,000 texts per day.

The company is now ready for its next phase to get 100 million people around the globe to opt into the T.C.N. Communications Network. The moment they accomplish this incredible goal they believe T.C.N. will have a valuation of over 20 billion dollars. They plan to take up to 50% of their sales and value and share them with the T.C.N. Referral Agents Worldwide who have helped them accomplish this goal. Imagine up to 10 billion dollars in value shared with the people who help build the infrastructure! Do you remember the truck drivers, cashiers and others who started with Walmart and ended up as millionaires?

By registering with us today you are now at the foundation of T.C.N. Your team starts with YOU. T.C.N. has made it SIMPLE, EASY and PROFITABLE for you to build a large and potentially profitable team quickly. Using the power of duplication of 2, 3, 4 or even 5 the company can get the message around the globe in 2 to 3 years.


1.) Share T.C.N. with your warm market and all your e-mail and text contacts.

2.) Put it out on your Facebook, Twitter and any and all of your social networking sites.

3.) Begin use the T.C.N. “Get The Word Out” Advertising Platform in your Back Office today.

With the power of just 2 referral agents could build a team of over 2,000 in a 10 level referral grid. Just increasing it to 3 could grow to over 88,000 and with 4 or more is just hard to even put into print. The most important one right now is YOU. What need to do right now need is follow The T.C.N. plan which is ENJOY IT & REFER IT = PROFIT.

I hope that today, you begin to enjoy the journey of building your new Text Cash Network and to achieve a level of success that most only dream of. Start RIGHT HERE – RIGHT NOW. DO IT NOW.

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