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Morning Has Broken

February 6, 2010

Morning had broken and I was sending my wife and son to work yesterday when we saw the sun’s rays emanating from the clouds that had shielded the sun from view. And the clouds had so intense silver linings. It was a sight to behold and I quickly captured the views on my camera. Unfortunately I don’t any zoom lens so the photos that I took do not depict the actual scene well. Anyway you can get an idea of the beauty of the scene from these photos.




As we were driving, we then saw this huge rainbow stretching across the sky. I always feel blessed and often I am seized by a sense that something good is going to come my way whenever I see a huge rainbow like this. So needless to say, I “captured” the rainbow on my camera. The last time I saw one was a couple of months ago and I also quickly “captured” it on my camera and on that night, I had an amazing windfall. Hmm….maybe something great is going to materialize this weekend…..I am keeping my fingers crossed!



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