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The Comic Side of David Beckham

October 31, 2010
David Beckham

David Beckham, despite his sometimes icy behavior, showed off his comic side and famous physique during a prank on The Ellen DeGeneres Show! And he is lauded for his performance and self-control for not bursting out in laughter during the prank.

David Beckham

The 35-year-old recently had some fun at the expense of an unsuspecting masseuse, who had to deal with his diva demands. It is a candid camera sort of prank that had audiences in stitches.

With Ellen feeding him exactly what to say through an earpiece, David went shirtless, told the masseuse to call him Ricky, asked her to not use her thumbs, and made her sing during the session all while a hidden camera was rolling.

This video is hilarious and proves David can be very sporting when it comes to playing the ball fool once in a while.

Check out the awesome clip!

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