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“THE HIDDEN TIGER” Optical Illusion

August 30, 2011

This beautiful painting by American wildlife artist Rusty Rust shows a huge Bengal Tiger standing in a bamboo forest. But it is more than just an ordinary painting. It is in fact one of the most clever camouflage images ever!


This is an optical illusion.  See if you can find “THE HIDDEN TIGER” in the image above.

Be honest…can you find it?

The answer is hidden somewhere in the painting.

Most people are unable to find”THE HIDDEN TIGER” without some help.

Let me ask you one more time: Can you find “THE HIDDEN TIGER”?

Tick tock…tick tock…give yourself some seconds and see if you can find “THE HIDDEN TIGER”. Oh my, I have already given you a subtle hint a few times already and you tell me you still can’t find it.

Are you ready to give up? Yes? Okay, see the hint below the tiger painting below.


Hint: Read the tiger’s stripes.

Now, wasn’t that obvious? Lol!

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