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The Sovereign Superyacht – The Most High Performance 100 Meter Yacht Ever

December 4, 2011
Armani are said to be involved with designing the ship's interiors

Hey, guys, do you have $132 million to spare? If you are of the lucky few who can answer yes, you can consider placing your order for this luxurious superyacht which is so sleek you’d almost be forgiven for mistaking it for a floating limousine.

The Sovereign superyacht is the brainchild of Gray Design who specialises in both superboats and supercars – or sometimes, like the Sovereign, ingenious combinations of both. The superyacht is inspired by a limousine and even comes with its own matching car.

The 100-metre Sovereign superyacht

“We thought about a typical person on board one of these yachts and asked: how do they travel on land? Well limousine,” says Gray Design CEO Eduard Gray. “It’s a very unique concept in the yacht world.”

At the back end of the yacht, is a circular infinity pool that surrounds a reinforced glass helipad. The latter also acts as a skylight for the room below. There are ten guest suites, in addition to the owner’s extensive main quarters, as well as a cinema, gym, library and nightclub area which epitomises ‘elegance and class’.

The design features an infinity pool that surrounds a glass helipad

This picture shows the glass helipad and circling infinity pool

The architects are also installing a golfing green, which can be converted into a play area for the potential owner’s dog.

And of course there’s an onboard garage, to store the matching limousine which is an optional extra, or whatever other car the owner feels is necessary to zip around the decks.

'Sovereign' was inspired by a limousine

Every tiniest detail seems to have been taken care of – part of the bow can rise up to provide shade for the jacuzzi.

And the boat is eco-friendly too, sporting a huge wind turbine which powers the yacht’s electricity systems.

Mr Gray insists that the boat is ‘in the engineering stage’, and is about to enter production.

“The plans are so advanced that ship builders can bring production by the end of the year,” says Gray. “It’s not conceptual anymore; it’s gone into the engineering stage.”

The design team is now in talks with potential owners about special modifications to suit their tastes, including working with fashion house Armani to fit out the interiors.

Armani are said to be involved with designing the ship's interiors

But the Sovereign is not simply designed for luxury, she can reach speeds of up to 30 knots. “It’s the most high performance 100 meter yacht ever,” says Gray.

The 100 meter yacht can reach speeds of up to 30 knots and is considered the most high performance yacht ever in its class.

If you are one of those super rich people who still cannot decide what to buy as a gift for your loved one, look no further. Go and book one of this superyacht !

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