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Welcome To Beatbox Bible – Reverend Gavin Tyte Raps The Nativity Story

December 14, 2011
Reverend Gavin Tyte (aka TyTe) rapping in his Beatbox Bible video

Reverend Gavin Tyte (aka TyTe) has become an internet hit with his rap rendition of the story of Nativity.

TyTe was a professional beatboxer before becoming a vicar so it comes as no surprise that he has now combined both of his passions to come up with this Nativity video which has started to go viral.

40-year-old TyTe, who has been vicar of Uplyme Church for the past two years, raps: ‘Welcome to Beatbox Bible’, before continuing his sermon online to parishioners.

Reverend Gavin Tyte (aka TyTe) rapping in his Beatbox Bible video

The sermon, written and produced by TyTe includes lyrics such as: ‘Back in the day of Caesar Augustus, he decreed to proceed with an empirical census.

‘The first while Quirinius was the Syrian nexus, to enlist and insist people get on the next bus.

‘Back to the shack where in fact they came from (The empire striking back to boost their income).

‘Now Joseph was a member of David’s kin, he made a steer for Judea and Bethlehem.

‘He went down from the town of Nazareth in Galilee, taking his fiancée, Mary near delivery.

‘And during their stay, nature had its way, put the date in the diary for the King’s birthday.’

TyTe was prompted to create the Nativity video after requests from people who saw his live version of a beatbox rendering Luke’s Gospel on video in 2010.

‘I had feedback that people wanted an HD version with subtitles so I set about creating a new video that could be played in churches and youth clubs.’

Beatboxing involves producing drum beats, rhythm, and musical sounds using the mouth, lips, tongue and voice.

Tyte has been perfecting the art since the age of eight and was a professional beatboxer before he was ordained seven years ago. The married father-of-two still uses the technique in parts of his sermons and teaches it to children in schools.

He has been a regular judge of the UK beatboxing championships and was editor of the website

Rapping was a challenge which he enjoyed.

He said: ‘I love writing and wondered if it was possible to write the bible in rap.

‘I have hung out with rappers for a long time, but trying to turn each verse into a rhyming verse is really tricky.

‘You are constrained by what is written and what sounds good so it does not flow as well as if you were rapping from scratch.’

Sit back and enjoy as the rapping vicar rhymes the story of Nativity.

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