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Welcome To Malaysia, Ha Ha Ha!

May 27, 2011
Rosalinda in Welcome to Malaysia

Malaysia, Truly Asia!

Someone should inform the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia about this new tourism ambassador for Malaysia. This ambassador goes by the name of Rosalinda…..and she has a “Welcome to Malaysia” music video on YouTube that is starting to go viral.

Rosalinda in Welcome to Malaysia

Teen singer Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ was badly panned and because of the huge publicity online, it became a massive viral hit. I personally think Rebecca Black is okay but if you think she is bad, then wait till you watch this video by Rosalinda.

I think a better title for Rosalinda’s video would be “Don’t Come To Malaysia.” Netizens have commented that this is a good example of how to chase away tourists from Malaysia.

In the video, Rosalinda prances around and sings in nearly unintelligible English, replete with cheesy video effects.

A sample of her singing: Letti Chentelmen, Letti Chentelmen, Let Go Let Go Chopping Let Go Let Go Chopping.

Need I say more? “Enjoy” her video now.

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