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World’s Sexiest Student Uniform

February 17, 2011
Thai university girls with their tight-fitting blouse and short skirts

The student uniform has become the center of attention when the Japanese media announced that Thai university uniforms, with its short-sleeve body-hugging white blouse and short form-fitting black skirt common on every university campus in Thailand, as the worlds sexiest student uniform, based on an online poll.

Sexiest uniform in the world

Taking sides in one of the great debates in Asia, the Japanese news Web sites Rocket News 24 and Livedoor have declared that the uniforms worn by female Thai university students are the sexiest in the world, outpointing the short pleated skirts and sailor blouses ubiquitous to Japanese higher education.

The news has caused people in the educational sphere to strike a note of disapproval one after another.

Deputy Education Minister Chaiyos Jiramethakorn said universities and business colleges should come down hard on revealing outfits. He said the ministry is set to call in university administrators to discuss the problem and work out policies to deal with it.

Indeed, it is common in Thailand for educators and moral welfare guardians to rail against the habit of young women shortening the skirts – which are intended to be worn at knee length – to the point where sitting demurely in public must be a challenge.

Thai university girls with their tight-fitting blouse and short skirts

The starched white shirts, which are adorned with signature campus pins, are frequently so many sizes too small in the bust that they seem to challenge the strength of both fabric and buttons.

Thai student with her figure-hugging blouse

The most popular type of student uniforms are the one likened to a Japanese uniform, which consists of a high-waisted top, a plaid skirt and long crew socks. I think Japanese uniforms look cute but many Japanese girls also adorn very revealing uniforms and can easily give the Thai girls a run for the money. Take a look at the Japanese students below.

Japanese school girl wearing an extremely short skirt

Japanese school girl in her cute uniform

Another Japanese student in short skirt

A Japanese girl wearing a skirt so short that even her pantie is exposed when she bends over slightly.

Wouldn't this Japanese girl give the Thai girls a run for the money?

In universities, although there are rules governing student uniforms, students usually modify their outfits to make them more attractive, like making the skirt shorter or the shirt tighter than is permitted.

Thai student with short skirt

Thai students have for years said they dress the way they do precisely because they see the uniform as a rule from an earlier time and they just want to appear stylish and young.

In reacting to news of the Japanese uniform poll, a columnist for Naew Na spun the usual line in calling for greater moral teaching to stem the tide of eroticism on campus.

“At least, the existence of uniforms will help teach our children about discipline and courtesy. Uniforms will remind them of their status as students whose role is to study and seek knowledge.”

“Students in uniforms should be mindful in whatever they do or don’t do,” wrote the author of the Kuan Nam Hai Sai column.

“The most practical solution could be to educate and make students appreciate the value of wisdom and good deeds, instead of external beauty, stardom and fame.

Quite a few people suggest that student uniforms be discontinued in order to end the fuss.

Educational institutes, themselves, are partly to blame, many have made their student uniforms more flashy in hopes of attracting more students to enroll. The practice is prevalent among business and vocational schools.

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