Xiaxue Strikes Back!

March 26, 2011
Photo of Kimi Kobayashi..

Don’t mess around with Xiaxue or you will live to regret it. That was what aspiring comedian Peter Coffin found out when he made uncalled for comments on Twitter to Xiaxue about her appearance.

Peter Coffin

For those who are not familiar with Xiaxue, her real name is Wendy Cheng, and she is a Singaporean blogger/model with a huge online following in Asia. Indeed she is rated as the most popular blogger in Asia. Her website has been added to the National Library Board’s list of blogs for archival. She married American Michael Sayre, whom she allegedly met online, on 13 March 2010 at Italian restaurant Forlino.

Wendy Cheng aka Xiaxue

Wendy & Michael

Wedding of Michael & Wendy

Peter Coffin from Michigan, USA, somehow decided to insult Xiaxue all over Twitter with particularly hateful comments about her nose job.  Oh boy, he really picked a fight with the wrong blogger!

Xiaxue, not one to take insults meekly, launched her revenge beginning with her blog post titled “Peter Coffin is a loser.”

Xiaxue then blocked Coffin, only to start receiving abuse from a girl called Kimi Kobayashi, who seemed to be Coffin’s girlfriend. After Cheng blocked Kobayashi, she disappeared from Twitter and tumblr.

Xiaxue did some Hercule Poirot investigation online and found that Kobayashi purported to be a Japanese-American living in New York. But her writing style sounded suspiciously like Coffin’s.

Then everything started to unravel: Kobayashi does not exist and is probably Coffin himself

Xiaxue exhaustively chronicled the case of Kobayashi on her blog, complete with screenshot after screenshot of suspicious interactions between the supposed Japanese woman and her comedian boyfriend. Under the Twitter name @Kim_Kobayashi, since closed down, someone posted many photos of a woman claiming to be Kimi, complete with captions and wrote endless one-liners sounding suspiciously like Peter Coffin’s own humor.

Though Kim was supposedly an 18-year-old Japanese girl living in New York, many photos of Kobayashi supposedly taken in Japan included Korean text in the background. Xiaxue figured out the woman in the photos is actually South Korean actress Lee Na Young. Lee Na Young is definitely not dating Peter Coffin!”

Photo of "Kimi Kobayashi" is actually photo of Lee Na Young

Xiaxue produced evidence that Coffin was in fact running two online personae, one as himself and one pretending to be his own girlfriend Kim Kobayashi.

Conversations between Kobayashi and Coffin take place on a variety of platforms, including Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube, and range from racist jokes to sexual innuendo. Kobayashi’s Asian race is constantly mentioned and mocked.

On his own Twitter account and on message board Reddit, Coffin attempted to defend himself, writing that he was fooled by someone pretending to be Kobayashi.  But he’s far from being believable.

A follow-up post from Xiaxue reveals that Coffin sent her a “Cease and Desist Letter” claiming defamation under Singaporean law. The law he cites is incorrect, but Coffin just threw more fuel on the fire, allowing Xiaxue the opportunity to make more fun of him and to cite more examples of interactions between Coffin and the fake Kobayashi.

For instance: “What is the perfect penis size?” someone anonymously asks Kobayashi online. “Peter Coffin can show you,” she responds.

Xiaxue has successfully portrayed Peter Coffin as a weird, sick, racist man. Coffin clearly has some complex issues with reality and women, specifically beautiful women, women open about their relationships with plastic surgery and Asians.

Xiaxue has made Coffin look like a fool, seriously denting his online credibility. Peter Coffin threw a stink bomb at Xiaxue, and she responded with a Father Of All Bombs (FOAB). Well, I guess Coffin asked for it….and Xiaxue literally sent him to his coffin!

Well done, Xiaxue!

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