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You Can Make A Difference

November 11, 2009
What a lovely rainbow!

Today is the birthday of my cousin Sylvester Lim and his daughter Krystle. I find it amazing that a father and a daughter share the same birthday. I guess that is probably why there is such a special bond between my cousin and his daughter. To my cousin and my niece, I wish you both an awesome birthday. Sylvester, you finally hit the magical 55 today…..can I call you a senior citizen now?

I finished listing my China first day covers, stamp presentation packs and maxim cards on eBay this afternoon. That gave me a sense of accomplishment. It was then that I realised how hungry I was…it was almost 3.30pm and I had not taken any lunch. I went to Pelita Commercial Centre to have a plate of “char siew” (barbecue) pork rice and some cucur pisang (banana fritters).

After picking up my wife and my son from their respective offices, we drove back to Senadin to have dinner at one of the restaurants there. After dinner, I noticed this huge rainbow in the sky….I have hardly ever seen such a huge rainbow. I don’t know why but seeing the huge rainbow gave me a sense of euphoria and a feeling that something good is going to happen.

What a lovely rainbow!


On reaching our home, I checked my mails and my eBay account……hmmm, there had been a few sales from my eBay listings. I took a quick warm bathe and then left my house to attend the World Vision Sharing Session by Malaysian actress Lee Sinje at the Imperial Hotel. I have been a World Vision child sponsor for a couple of years so I did not want to miss the opportunity to hear an Asian movie queen ( Lee Sinje won the Golden Horse Best Actress Award for her role in the Hong Kong horror movie “The Eye”) sharing her experience with World Vision child sponsorship.


I estimate the crowd to be over 200. Lee Sinje received a very warm applause when she entered the ballroom where the session was being held. She shared her experience about going to Mongolia to meet her sponsored child and what an impact it had on her. She also talked about her trips to Africa and India. She obviously touched quite a lot of hearts with her sharing as evidenced by the number of people signing up as child sponsors after the sharing session.

I was deeply touched by Lee’s sincere sharing and her commitment to help World Vision. I signed up to sponsor another child. For only RM50 a month, you can sign up to be a child sponsor. Think about just sacrificing one dinner outing each month, you can make a difference in this world!

I know there are a lot of people out there who have the thinking that they cannot make any difference. In their mind, they think of the millions and millions of starving children and they just conclude that they cannot do anything about it and so they adopt an indifferent attitude. WAKE UP PLEASE! YOU CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT……YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! You cannot sponsor millions of children but you can make an immense difference in the life of the child you sponsor! You will be giving that child a chance in life, a chance for the child to reach his/her potential.

If you are still not convinced that you can make a difference, please watch the following YouTube movie and let its message sink into your heart.

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