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You Tiao & Lek Tau Suan

May 7, 2010
Yakin Food Court's "You tiao"

You tiao ( in Mandarin) or you char kway ( in Hokkien) is a long, golden-brown , deep-fried strip of dough that is lightly salted and made in such a way that they can be torn lengthwise into two.

Yakin Food Court's "You tiao"

“Lek tau suan” (Hokkien) is a type of dessert that is usually eaten hot with “you tiao”. Lek tau suan means “green bean pearl” in Hokkien. The green beans are actually mung beans and they are purchased in split forms minus the skin.

Yakin Food Court's "lek tau suan"

In Miri, there is a stall at Yakin Food Court that does brisk business every day selling “you tiao” and “lek tau suan”. I like their “you tiao” and “lek tau suan”…it is nice to have these for breakfast for a change instead of the usual kolomee or char kway tiao.

The stall owners busy making "you tiao"

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