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Zhang Yuxia – Blind Woman With A Voice Like Teresa Teng’s

May 21, 2011
Teresa Teng

Afflicted with visual impairment for over three decades, 35-year-old Zhang Yuxia makes a living as a street singer/pianist at Tamsui, Taiwan. For the past four years, she has established a fan base of considerable size in the locality.

Zhang Yuxia

If you just listen to her songs without seeing her, you will immediately think you are listening to Teresa Teng . Their voices sound so alike! There has been comments that the warm and crystalline voice that God bestow upon Zhang is to make up for her loss of sight.

Listen now to Zhang sing The Moon Represents My Heart and then listen to Teresa Teng singing the same song. You will be amazed!

Teresa Teng (Dng Lj?n aka Teng Li-chun aka T?ng L?-kun), born on January 29 1953, was an immensely popular and influential Chinese pop singer from Taiwan. Teresa Teng’s voice and songs are instantly recognized throughout East Asia and in areas with large Asian populations.

Teresa Teng

It is often said, “Wherever there are Chinese people, the songs of Teresa Teng can be heard.” Her songs also enjoy popularity among Korean, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian and Indonesian listeners. Even Deng Xiaoping, Communist Chinas second most powerful leader after Mao, was a loyal fan of Teng.

Teng was known for her folk songs and romantic ballads. Many became standards in her lifetime, such as “When Will You Return?” and “The Moon Represents My Heart” ( Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin). She recorded songs not only in her native Mandarin but also in Taiwanese, Cantonese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, and English.

Teng, a lifelong sufferer from asthma, died on May 8 1995 from a severe respiratory attack while vacationing in Thailand. She was 42. She was given state honors at her funeral in Taiwan, with the flag of the Republic of China draped over her casket and then president Lee Teng-hui in attendance among thousands in mourning.

She was buried in a mountainside tomb at Chin Pao San, a cemetery in Jinshan, Taipei County (now New Taipei City) in northern Taiwan. The grave site features a statue of Teng and a large electronic piano keyboard set in the ground that can be played by visitors who step on the keys. The memorial has become a tourist attraction for her fans.

Teresa Teng's grave

The piano keyboard

The statue of Teresa Teng

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